The School of Public and International Affairs offers both a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and Public and International Affairs degree in conjunction with the Peace Corps through the Masters International Program (MIP). The MIP is designed to prepare students for their Peace Corps service as well as subsequent careers in international development, international nongovernmental organization management and leadership and planning.

Electives and required core courses address such subjects as community and economic development, international development planning and policy, land use and environmental planning, public and non-profit organization governance and management, NGOs in international development. Students spend one year in graduate study and the next two years overseas as Peace Corps volunteers, integrating their experience and graduate studies. Students then return to VT for their final year to complete their chosen degree.


Virginia Tech's Urban Affairs and Planning Program combines a core of outstanding professional degree courses with an array of electives in 7 curricular concentrations: Environmental planning & policy, international development planning & policy, economic & community development, physical development planning, social policy & planning, public & non-profit management, & comparative urban policy.

The Program's distinction derives from its interdisciplinary, comparative, and applied approach to instruction and research. Faculty with advanced education and research in planning, geography, engineering, economics, sociology, political science, and law work collaboratively to provide students with a coherent vision of how communities, large and small, work and how to facilitate positive change within them.


Prospective students plan to apply to both Virginia Tech's Graduate School and the Peace Corps separately, indicating the MIP program in both applications. To ensure timely processing students should submit all of their required application materials to the Peace Corps before arriving on campus for their first semester.

Given the Peace Corp placement cycle, new MIP students are strongly encouraged to begin their graduate studies in the Fall semester. While prospective MIP students who meet admission requirements for the graduate degree programs in Urban Affairs and Planning are admitted into the Program with the expectation that they will serve a full 2-year term in the Peace Corps, those who do not receive invitations to do so may nonetheless plan to complete their degree.


Students may apply to either the Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) or Master of Public and International Affairs (MPIA) degree program. The MURP is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board of the American Planning Association.

Further Information

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Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech
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VT Graduate School Admissions:

For the MPIA degree option :

Tim Luke, University Distinguished Professor and Chair
Masters International Program
Government and International Affairs, Virginia Tech
Phone: (540)231-6571

For the MURP degree option:

Max Stephenson, Professor and Coordinator
Masters International Program
Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech
Phone: (540) 231-7340

For information concerning Peace Corps admission requirements:

Peace Corps University Programs
Volunteer Recruitment and Selection
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Phone: (800) 424-8580 ext. 1812
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